YouTube Review: What Would You Do with a Lost Wallet?

You. What would you do if you found a lost wallet? Return it? Well, that’s the “ideal” thing to do. But let’s get real. What would you really do with a lost wallet?

Yup, return it to the owner. Right. Because you’re in the middle of the crowd. What if it’s just you and the guy? Or if you’re in a dark alley? Or if the wallet’s really loaded? Guess the video didn’t turn all stones in this case. Otherwise, would you still return it?

Hmm… Yes, of course. It’s just the “right” thing to do.

And certainly, the guy in the video did even go the extra mile by locating the house of the wallet’s owner. Indeed, a very noble act.

Then again, could this just be a show? Hopefully not..


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