Travel Time: Port Vila (Vanuatu)

Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, an island country located in the South Pacific ocean. Port Vila which is situated on the south coast of one of its islands called Efate is, of course, the center of commerce and culture.

And obviously, being located in the Pacific, it’s heavily dependent on agriculture, fishing, and lately tourism as well..

Wow, as we saw in the video, the place is still generally untouched!

Yes, it has its sights like the traditional totem poles, the Vanuatu National Museum, and even a post office – though it’d certainly do good both for the country and its probable investors if they add a few more things so to speak..

Well, that’s for the continued growth of the country at least. As for being a place to visit, what do you think?

If you are seeking a “virgin” island then this is one place to be. The greens are basically untrimmed while the geographical make up provides you with a thrill that could be among your most pleasant memories..

Welcome to Port Vila, Vanuatu!


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