Home Makeover with Ingrid Nilsen (Part 1)

The next 2 features of My Home would be divided into 2 parts as it origins from one source and so, one home. So now, let’s take a look at the first part of Home Makeover with Ingrid Nilsen

Hmm… you know what’s nice about Ingrid’s decorating here?

One would be the mix of frames in her gallery wall. Not all are shaped the same.  And not all are necessarily flat. So, it’s kinda unique..

Which brings us to the horns that was placed on top of the TV set. Normally, you would not see those horns and the TV close to each other; or perhaps, we just don’t notice it because where it’s placed is sort of dark, and yes, the wallpaper just makes things unnoticeable.

The dining room though is not really built for a family. I mean, it’s round with only 4 chairs that looks unconventional for a regular family setting. It’s good for single people though, or only for couples..

This makes us wonder what could be those furnitures she didn’t bring to her new apartment? Anyway, the large beach frame shows the type of occupant it has – cool and single.

Just like ’em bamboo set. And ’em tidbits of books in the living room.


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