Product Review: Bottle-Opening Ring

For today’s featured item, we bring you the first of a series of interesting and useful 2-in-1 products that could make things easier for you; and we start off with one from, the Bottle-Opening Ring..

The precise geometry of this stainless steel ring enables you to effortlessly pop the top off of a bottled beverage with your hand.

  • Each piece is individually made to order – 3D printed and hand-finished to your specifications.
  • Sizes 6-15 available.
  • Made of cast stainless steel with gold, silver, or black surface finishes.

Nonetheless, despite its cool features, we got some basic concerns though..

ONE. Some bottle tops are quite tough that would need greater force to remove it – wouldn’t you incur a cut on your finger with this?

TWO. When usage gets heavy, wouldn’t “scratches” on the ring thin out the steel and reduce its effectiveness? How about its appeal as a ring?

If only our fundamental concerns are appeased, wouldn’t it be nice to have a ring that could double as a bottle opener? For only $36, guess it’s high time we graduate from using spoons you know..


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