2015 NBA Finals: The Kyrie Irving Effect

The MRI is out. Uncle Drew has a fractured left kneecap and would be out for 3-4 months. That means, Kyrie Irving is out of the Finals.

Obviously, this is unfortunate for Cleveland and NBA fans in general. But guess, they’re somehow back to where they started. I mean, sometime before Kevin Love and Kyrie got injured, the Cavs didn’t have a Supplemental 3™ in Mozgov, Shumpert and Smith.

So, the Supplemental 3 sort of took over Kevin and Kyrie on both ends of the floor so to speak. Yes, the latter 2 are All-Stars but they don’t really have defense; which is what, in fact, helped the Cavaliers get to the Finals – with their Supplemental 3.

Hey, Love is not as big a loss to Cleveland compared to Bosh for Miami or Gasol for Chicago. Looking closely, he’s just an extra man who could rebound and hit 3s. Even his Cleveland Head coach David Blatt says he’s not a max player, remember?

But Kyrie, he’s crucial to the Cavs machine. After all, he is a scoring playmaker..

Kyrie Irving a.k.a. Uncle Drew
Kyrie Irving a.k.a. Uncle Drew

Now, the Cavs would really be forced to make LeBron James carry more load. Huh, an “easier” target for the Warriors if they got the smarts as the Cavs become more predictable. Ball goes to James on isolation, or post plays where he generally uses strength to get a basket; while other scoring options would only be the drop off to Mozgov, the cuts or 3s of Smith and Shumpert (if only for shooters, they got several) – and if they miss, they got Thompson to follow it up.

Unlike if Kyrie is around who could basically do what Stephen Curry does – the Warriors would have at least 2 All-Stars to be wary of.

Thus for Golden State, the Championship is now for the picking. Then again, can the Warriors handle the pressure of being heavy favorites? That’s the Kyrie Irving effect.

Game 2 is up Sunday.. And the winner could be the eventual Champs. Hmm… Let’s see. It’s gonna be a battle..


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