Product Review: QBracelet

So, how about a fancy bracelet that could charge your smartphone, wouldn’t that be cool? You bet..

And that’s what we are featuring for today from, the QBracelet – a super lightweight, stylish bracelet of 1.8 ounces that works with iPhone 6 & 6+ and could charge an iPhone 5S to approximately 60 percent..

Comes in 4 colors

Oh yes, as for its sizing, here are the following:

SMALL (6.42 in) Recommended for most women..
MEDIUM (7.12 in) Recommended for most men..
LARGE (7.91 in) Recommended for most men with large wrists..

More so, it’s also available with Apple Lightning Connector.

While charging

Then again, we got a couple of issues with qdesigns though..

ONE. How about coming up with models that could also charge other smartphone brands?

TWO. Is this bracelet “waterproof”? You know, it should at least be able to withstand drizzling or something like that.

Anyway, although it’s retailing at $98, we could have one for $78 on a pre-order discount. Not bad..

But only limited quantities are available. Now, that’s bad.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: QBracelet”

  1. Nope. This company will take your order and leave you hanging for years (i’ve waited 2 years since 2014, hah!, for my order). Disgraceful.

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