Product Review: Ironing Board and Step Ladder Combo

Our featured product for today is one from and it’s called the Ironing Board and Step Ladder Combo. Good concept, really. And obviously, what other function could you add to an ironing board except a step ladder, anyway?

Right. You need to flip and fold an ironing board just as a step ladder necessitates it..


Then again, since the step ladder goes by the size and shape of the ironing board, the designers should have seen it to be kinda narrow and dangerous – even for light people or youngsters. Yes, the step ladder.

So, this then makes the step ladder sort of just a decor, or an add-on that’s almost useless..

Yet for those who have tried the product, even the ironing board takes time to set up. The flipping and folding, you know. Not to mention the question of ‘levelness’ after it’s been set up.

In all, although the 2-in-1 product is light and easy to store, its tag price of $57.59 is pretty expensive for just a half-functional product. Time to improve..


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