Music Review: Second Chances (Matthew Santos)

We’ve been used to hearing Top 10 songs, or hit singles from the Billboard charts; and many times, we try to feature the newcomers or the newest hit to enter the Top 20 – as many of the top spots are already nested by familiar faces.

And so, to hear fresh talents, we are featuring a song outside the current Top 20; and it’s entitled Second Chances by the enigmatic Matthew Santos..

Wow, did you feel the vibration of the voice? That’s somethin’.

Well, the recording is said to be an impromptu performance by Matt at the Worcester Cathedral on an iPhone 5.. Oh, cool! Cost-efficient yet nice; but don’t you think it’s just something else? I mean, the said use of an iPhone to record a “carrier” song at this stage of Matt’s career..

Why? The views are still just around 7K. Yes, 7K! And you know what? It doesn’t have anything to do with the singer’s voice.. Clearly, he’s fantastic!

But then, the sub-par showing in YouTube viewership could be due to at least 3 factors:

One. Marketing. It’s been a year or so (??) since the song was produced, but how come many has never really heard of it? No real word-of-mouth happening.. Or perhaps customer assistance is just wanting.

Two. The song just couldn’t be understood. It’s just like moaning. Okay, Matt’s voice is great but, what is he actually saying? Or singing?

Three. The song is simply ahead of its time. While there are those who appreciates it; still, with no clear unity between instrument, tune and voice – the song is just beyond the reach of many. It’s a good tutorial on voice lessons but it just doesn’t have the elements of today’s popular songs.

Hopefully, Matt develops other songs in line with today’s hits – and without really taking away his originality..


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