2015 NBA Finals: The King and his Cohorts

So the Cavaliers lost 82-103, and the series is now tied at 2-2 heading back to Golden State on Sunday.

Hmm… Excuses. What? The Cavs are tired? If one understands basketball or any physical activity for that matter, then he should know that the Warriors are also playing the same minutes – on the same day, on the same hour – and against each other, the same team! So why say tired?

What? The Cavs are undermanned? Com’ on, while they got injured players – don’t they have guys named Marion, Perkins and Miller among others? So what do you mean undermanned?

Just as Steve Kerr isn’t using Lee and Speights that much – so are the Cavs not playing the players they’re paying. It’s the teams’ choice, no excuses. Thus, it’s not about being tired or undermanned.

Think about this…

Shawn Marion could play SF, PF

If a player is good enough to make a team then he should be good enough to play.

LeBron James, Dellavedova and Mozgov can only do so much. In the end, the rest of the bench should be maximized. But so far, as in our Finals preview, the Cavs are just giving “important” minutes to 7, 8 horsemen.

Hey, if you really look closely, the Cavs even got a better starting lineup now than when they first played this season – why grumble?

NOVEMBER 2014 STARTERS. Irving, Waiters, James, Love and Varejao.

STARTERS 2015 FINALS. Dellavedova, Shumpert, James, Thompson and Mozgov.

First, I’d pick Mozgov over Varejao anytime. At PF, while Love could shoot 3s, the Cavs got a lot who could do it – so Love’s skill is more of a luxury; thus, Thompson is better as he plays defense and won’t really lose out even if he plays center. At SG, I’d rather have a 3-pt shooting defensive specialist in Shumpert than an inconsistent Waiters..

Point Guard?

Dellavedova may be playing well but the dynamics of the game would change if Kyrie is around. One, Dely would probably just play 10 minutes a game and the Cavs wouldn’t have discovered a gem of a player. Two, James wouldn’t keep holding the ball if Kyrie’s on the floor. This would make the Cavs less predictable. Three, the Warriors could be more free-flowing if Irving instead of Dely is playing. This means, Steph Curry would have more chances in the long run; that, in spite of the good ‘D’ Kyrie played in Game 1. So, between Kyrie and Dely, it’s like choosing between 2 goodies.

Still, it would’ve been better to have Kyrie – a bona fide All-Star – to lean on. Nevermind if the Cavs doesn’t discover the Finals MVP potential in Dellavedova. Hah! At least for this Finals, I’m sure Dely won’t mind as long as they’re more competitive and not blown out by 21.

David Blatt with LeBron

David Blatt, you’re the coach. Play your bench. James scores a lot because he shoots a lot despite his low percentages, so you just trust your king’s cohorts to hold the ball more.. And they’ll do the same. Believe in your players not just in LeBron. Otherwise, how about just making James the ‘playing coach’ and resign?

Think what you want to think, it’s your right..

The Point Here Is: If Coach Blatt just gives James the freehand to do whatever instead of encouraging his king’s cohorts, then the team would suffer one way or another. Rebounding is a matter of crashing the boards. Assisting is a matter of looking for the open man. Scoring is a matter of being given the license to shoot. Attitude and practice are what links them all.

If you believe that only your king can do those, this doesn’t encourage and develop the team but James alone. This is why he’s unconsciously forcing his play.. That even said “analysts” doesn’t notice it but only his stats(?).

Remember a guy named Allen Iverson? His stats says he passes the ball, too; but you know what? He may be good but his kind of play affected Philly (and other teams he played for).. And so the result?

If the Warriors win Game 5, it wouldn’t matter if everyone in Cleveland wears an All In T-shirt for Game 6 – before you know it, the series could be over.


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