2015 NBA Finals: One Final Task

It’s a gold rush! The Warriors are on a roll, 104-91. What seemed to be a bleak 1-2 deficit several days ago has turned out into an ‘expected’ 3-2 advantage over the Cavaliers.

Yes, it’s expected. For do you expect the Cavs’ system to change? No. It would always be James holding the ball (isolated or backing down) and passing to open shooters, et cetera.

Result? James gets 11 assists out of the team’s 17. Wow, is it good? Only if you’re not thinking of winning. Analysts don’t see it and obviously, Coach Blatt too.

Because what does it show? Everybody’s just looking at LeBron to feed ’em and not playing to their potential. Why? Because the Cavs’ system doesn’t really encourage ‘player confidence’ and all – but to just give the ball to James.

LeBron James and Coach Blatt

And it’s not a Magic Johnson kind of thing. Again, “analysts” just don’t understand this..

Magic looks to pass first. If he can’t find anybody, he takes it himself. Only sometimes does Magic look to score first – he’s really that point guard.

On LeBron’s part, he’s a scorer not a point guard. He’s actually a Barkley rather than a Magic. He backs down (or prepares to drive) to score and if he can’t go through – that’s when he looks for the open man – otherwise, he just forces it.

So, if the guy who gets LeBron’s pass is somehow squared, he makes his shot resulting in an assist.

That’s what happened to Allen Iverson at Philly. He’s just forcing it, and sometimes, passing almost at the last second. Result? You should know.

Steve Kerr and the Warriors huddle

Key for the Cavs could have been Shawn Marion, a proven all around player who could have given LeBron some rest, or played alongside him. He’s something like an Iguodala, but they just didn’t use him. So? Despite the triple double of James, the Cavs lose. Do stats matter then? You should know now.

Besides, how come the game’s greatest player in Michael Jordan didn’t even have a single Finals triple double? Yet he’s got 6 titles! Therefore, it’s all about the system (everyone needs to buy it) and, the team’s ‘player development’ program should be in place.

Bottomline is.. Stats that’s a product of a good system is what makes a winner.

Game 6 is in 2 days, and closing out is one final task that needs more than just talent. Can Golden State do it?

Only the Warriors could beat the Warriors.


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