Product Review: Citrus Zinger Sport Water Bottle

Here’s a wonderful product for sports enthusiasts as well as those who like the outdoors, or any physical activity for that matter – the Citrus Zinger Sport Water Bottle..


Certainly, staying hydrated through fresh fruit juices is much better than energy drinks; and this is where the product’s value comes from – the bottle comes with a juicer.

Nothing to worry though, the bottle is also lightweight and easy to carry wherever, whenever plus it’s plastic and dishwasher safe – so, you don’t have to think much about the cleaning side of things..


Still, while the Citrus Zinger has that hands-free flip-up straw – don’t hesitate to open the bottle when you’re real thirsty. Understandably, big gulps from your 28 oz. bottle are far more satisfying than little sips from a straw..

And for $20 at, you can beat the heat and have one today!


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