Food & How To: Sinigang na Baboy (Filipino)

It’s another weekend and just a nice time to learn a new recipe.. Well, at least for those who still doesn’t know how to cook our featured Filipino dish, that is. And, it’s none other than Sinigang na Baboy, or the “pork sour broth.”

Let’s see how it’s done..

Okay, first though pork is more popular, sinigang could also be in chicken, fish or shrimp form as well.

Next, the “sour broth” or base could also come from tree sorrel, green mango or vinegar – not just tamarind. Incidentally, for a more natural and healthier dish, fresh tamarind is preferable than a pack of tamarind powder.

Then for more flavor, use the pork’s meat bones when cooking sinigang. And yes, adding the local vegetable “gabi” would not only make your soup a little thick (if that’s what you wish) but your dish more delicious. Yet remember, don’t overcook your vegetables, crispy doesn’t only taste better – but being fresh? It’s healthier.

Lastly, careful with the use of “patis” or fish sauce. Too much could be too salty. So, season to taste.



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