Room Makeover with Grace Helbig

So, so, so.. Time now for another home makeover, and this time with Mary Elizabeth on Grace Helbig’s room.

Let’s check it out..

Simple yet good impact. That’s what Mary brought to Grace’s room. The ambiance is bright and yeah, playful and whimsical, it’s nice; however, there’s one thing a bit “disturbing” though..

That persimmon peonies wallpaper. It just has too much peonies that it sort of contradicted with the nice green, leafy cushion. In this case, it’s a matter of choosing which one to highlight by reducing the “glow” of the other..

And as it turned out, it’s not really the marble table and set that gave that “negative space” to balance the room’s pattern but the peonies. Yes, it actually brought some “awkwardness” to the room. Really.

Just as the lights were okay, they were in fact peony-like, too.. So again, cool as it is, just choose which one – the peony wallpaper or the cushion – to emphasize.

Other than that, the white tiger.. The giant giraffe.. The plant at the corner.. The piano.. All were just well-placed. Good job. Yup! Including the console table which was creatively utilized..

Not to mention those bamboo slides that coolly matched the ‘jungle’ culture of the room.


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