Home Makeover: Shared Boys’ Bedroom (Crespo Family)

Do you practice ‘room sharing’ among your kids? Well, for whatever reason it maybe, ‘room sharing’ has its pros and cons. Yet if only for economy, ‘room sharing’ is absolutely among ’em pros. Ahh, then again..

Messiness would clearly be an issue especially for a small space..

Hmm… Boys are boys! They always leave their stuff wherever they last used them, but.. If you could train them to be more organized then even space won’t be that big a chore.

And many times, it just starts with having those closets and drawers fixed.. You know, getting them to an almost “bite-size” (as if it were food, ha-ha) fit. Kids just love ’em, actually even big girls do.. It’s just cute.

Just make sure the ‘study table’ has enough lighting with a couple of inspiring toys that’s within reach..

Oh lastly, shelves should be like those bed bunks, like it could be detached whenever you don’t feel like having it anymore – but just be ready to move those closets, yeah, as if preplanned.


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