YouTube Review: The Other Side of a Post-nup Shoot

One of the more noticeable YouTube videos for a week or so now is “One of the worst things that could happen during your post-nup video shoot.” Wow! It’s already a labor reading such a long title, how much more watching the video?! Ha!

But, let’s see..

Funny!? Sort of. What about scripted?

Well, even in writing, sometimes one just tries to put something that would make readers mark them – like a strikethrough, a typo (yes!), or even using a word that just sounds alike but means different – just to ring the bell. You’d know ’cause it’d be corrected the next day or so. Anyway, there’s a fine line between an actual event, and a “made up” video to pump up viewership for that matter. And many times, it’s actually hard to tell unless you view it at different times, and in different conditions. T’is a nice one though.

In any case, it’s still worth a grin. Imagine if such disturbance would happen in your own post-nuptial shoot. Hmm… just wished the newly weds released those birds simultaneously..

At least there would be another good shot to appreciate.


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