1-Hour Home Cleaning Routine

Hmm… What’s a house if you can’t make it a home? Yup, like getting a bit more organized and having a regular cleaning schedule..

Wow, all of that in just an hour?!

Obviously, it’s all about making things a habit. A ‘good’ habit. In this case, the cleaning and stuff. ‘Cause sometimes, there are those who just tends to procrastinate since.. they basically ‘hold’ their time. Incidentally, these are normally those who doesn’t really have the ‘creative juice’ within.

Yet for those who understands ‘time’, like Nikki, they budget and ‘act’ on it.. Not just to make their house more orderly but to be able to do other things, or simply have more time for themselves.

Hey, there’s a big difference between working hard and working smart. Remember that. And cleaning your house doesn’t mean you’re renovating it, so worry not, you don’t have to keep sweating just to fix things..

But leaving ‘dirty’ dishes on the sink only shows you still need to work on making a ‘livable’ home.


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