Travel Time: Taipei (Taiwan)

Hmm… okay, this time let’s take a turn and head to East Asia. How about Taipei, the bustling capital of Taiwan? Now then, let’s join Iris and feel that wonderful experience..

Wow, nicely made video! It just made virtual travel like actual travel.

Well, surely Taiwan is proud of having the second tallest building in the world in Taipei 101.. yup, must be real interesting to be there (even just outside of it, notice?) but not before you ‘tour’ the place from the train. Just gives you that quick glance of the city. Right.

More so, don’t you just love that boat ride on your way to a zoo? And yes, don’t forget the gondola ride.. just a nice view, huh?! Such a great experience that no wonder Iris was able to give us such a cool tour.

Wanna visit?


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