Food & How To: Cha gio, Nem ran (Vietnamese)

Cha gio anyone? Nem ran? Oh, in case you were wondering, Cha gio is a Vietnamese delicacy or what we know as the Vietnamese egg roll. And looking at it closely, it something like the Filipino ‘turon’ and that’s just because of the wrapper; of course what’s inside Cha gio is not banana though, but pork, let’s see how it’s done..

Oh, jicama! Imagine the juiciness it could contribute especially with carrots added to the mix, yes, even when fried! Hah!

Yet, interesting here is the use of ‘taro’, don’t you think? But then, that’s what makes something special, the creative use of something we view unusual. Proof is if it’s good with beer and leaves then it must be worth trying.. Just make a good sauce to boot.



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