Food & How To: Moo Nam Tok (Thai)

If you notice, among the things the Thais like in their food are salads and spiciness. And today, we have them both in this delicacy called Moo Nam Tok which is actually a spicy meat salad..

One of the things we’ll notice here is that the meat is not really marinated, instead it’s grilled straight on as in to about medium rare and then set aside while there’s still juice in it..

That’s actually where the name Nam Tok came from which means “dripping juice”, or the juice that’s dripping while cooking the steak.

Still, one key to this awesome dish is the grounded roasted rice mixed with those greens like the shallot, cilantro and mint leaves with some lime juice just before being served. You know, it becomes something like a condiment where the flavor is enhanced – notwithstanding the chilies.

And though it’s best eaten with sticky rice, serving it with vegetables like fresh cabbage and cucumbers would add more perk to your appetite. After all, meat and raw vegetables blend well on our palate.



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