Product Review: Unnecessary Planters

For this issue, let’s see some combo products molded into planters which is close to ‘useless’ or at the very least, unnecessary.

$30 at
$30 at

A planter that you could wear as a necklace. This is sort of O.A. but if one only wants some ‘uniqueness’ then understand that many of us could be thinking of such as well.. making it ‘no longer’ unique.

$79.95 at
$79.95 at

A planter that doubles as a grill. In this case, you would just have to keep ‘switching’ the plant and the food, back and forth. Imagine the trouble then. Yet if it’s okay with you then have fun.. at a price.

$139.20 at
$139.20 at

A planter you can use as a desk. For one, you got to be careful when newly watered as it might wet your laptop. Two, how much weight could the planter actually handle? Like what if you ‘accidentally’ put your weight on it while thinking or something?

Planters are nice to have but molding them into combo products should be well-thought of.. Any ideas?


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