Travel Time: Xiamen (China)

Remember our trip to Taipei? Well, just opposite Taiwan, or to its left is the beautiful Xiamen of China. Yup, that’s where we’re headed in this feature.. it’s one of those nice places in China’s southern regions.

Hmm… you know what — stores and malls are typical of progress, so are cool lightings and infrastructure. Thus, it’s basically tourists spots, landscapes and food that differentiates every region in every part of the world. Not to mention their culture and traditions.

In this case, the beach is just what it is except if there’s other features like ‘corals’ and the area’s geographical makeup of course. Still, it would be interesting to visit just about any ‘peaceful’ place — as for sure, there would be something nice to see and do. Yup, eat too!

And being part of a group tour would certainly add to the experience.


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