Food & How To: Char Kway Teow (Singaporean)

It’s chow time once again, and this time we bring you another Singaporean delicacy called the Char Kway Teow which is actually a popular noodle dish in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore — yep, though literally the dish means ‘stir-fried ricecake strips’..

You know what, the sweet soy sauce may have affected the noodles appeal but don’t let ’em colors fool you, it’s real good that it’s a national favourite not only in Singapore but in Malaysia as well.

Hmm… Not hard to cook really, however, it’s such a pity that Kway Teow or Shahe fen (a type of Chinese noodle that’s made from rice) may not be available in some parts of the world..

But if you have that chance, enjoy!


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