Consumer Experience: The Road-weary Massage

Just had a Thai body massage at Baan Khun Thai, the ‘house of traditional massage’ as they’ve been promoting it.

The Lobby

Okay, let’s then go through the experience that’s especially useful whether for first-timers or not as to know what to expect in this place..

Waiting Area
Foot Wash

As you enter, you’d be asked the kind of massage you wish (of course, along with informing you of their prices) and then directing you to the waiting area where you’d be given a ‘foot wash’ for starters..


Afterwards, onto the hallway you go and to the ‘room’ for your ‘traditional massage’..


And there, you get the pampering you deserve. Well, the place may not have the scents some of you may be used to, or even the ‘perfect’ setup you wish for; but it does have the ‘tranquility’ and the helpfulness of the masseuse which is just enough to ease those body aches you’ve been carrying for awhile.

More so, you get a bonus, Baan Khun Thai is not only along the road — which is great for the road-weary — but they even offer discounts if you drop by between 12 noon to 5pm.

Not bad. Water or tea?


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