2015 NBA Weekly: Uncle Drew – Chapter 4

Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving may be injured at the moment but Uncle Drew is back once again to entertain you, and this time in Miami..

Yep, and what an entertainment the players and spectators got on the court?!!

Hmm… A showdown! And it’s against Ray Allen, wow! But something’s disappointing here..

The prosthetics of Ray is just ‘unnatural’, like he’s some ‘sea creature’, y’know. Just look.

Shooting-wise.. We know it’s some ‘film’, so of course, Uncle Drew would win. Besides, even if it’s real, Ray could have an off-night in their showdown, too.

One more thing, guess a ‘basketball documentary’ would no longer mislead spectators unless they live under a rock. After all, it’s already the 4th chapter in Uncle Drew’s adventures.

So.. Don’t you think it’s just about time for an Uncle Drew movie? That surely would be a hit!


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