Consumer Video: Russian Tesla

You must have already heard of Tesla cars; yet if you haven’t, these are those cars that run on ‘rechargeable batteries’. Yup, just like our cellphones, tablets and laptops — but of course, this time, we’re talking about ‘cars’. Right.

Well, let’s then see the Russian version of the Tesla..

So.. what are your main concerns with this? Speed? Was the car a bit too slow for you? It must be quite understandable since it’s battery operated but theory-wise, it gives up to around 100 kV power.

Still, there’s always something positive about this.

For one, it’s generally safer since it’s slower. Hey, they didn’t even put a seat belt on or show an ‘air bag’ inside the car — but nothing to worry though, this is still sort of a prototype. But obviously, it’s also low maintenance. You no longer have to spend on ‘expensive’ gasoline, not to mention it’s eco-friendly. Yet if only for speed and capability, surely it would be improved as time goes by — yes, just like our gadgets.

Besides, they were even driving on ‘rough’ terrain. Hah! Nice!


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