Travel Time: Tips when Traveling with Kids

Hmm… we all know how wonderful yet tough it is to have kids, well, at least those who already got kids or have experienced baby-sitting that is. But imagine how much tougher it would be if we were to tag them along in our travels, you know, especially on vacations.

Sound advices, Amy. Well, if you really think about it — if you could just keep the kids entertained, asleep, or like ‘full’ during trips.. They’d be peaceful. Yeah, right.

Still, trips don’t end in airplane or ship travel, but only until you get back home. So.. Make sure to travel light and be ready for laundry.

Also, more than learning a couple of your destination’s ‘local’ words, don’t leave home without putting some identification tag on your kids — it’d be real helpful especially during the holidays.


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