Simple Experiences: Mismukuno Teppanyaki (Ayala Center Cebu)

Just recently, I got to eat in another Japanese restaurant; hmm… That is at the Ayala Center in Cebu, and it’s called Mismukuno Teppanyaki.

Well, t’was an interesting experience..


First, the food. Rice cakes are always a treat. Just love its tastiness even if a couple of the slices weren’t as neat. You could see.


Always enjoyed the blend of mushrooms and meat in the Gyudon, only that this one soaked my rice with too much sauce. Ahhh..


Still, one meticulous diner may wonder, “why was the side dish even served before the ‘meat’ dishes?”

Hah! Your guess.


Yet somehow, eating Teppanyaki simply reminds me of the Filipino ‘beef steak’ (have you tried one?)..

But with their flavors actually coming from how ‘soy sauce’ among others was really used. Really.

In the end, more than the ‘dancing’ performance of the restaurant’s staff, the bar-like ambience gives you that relaxing mood. Good for after-work camaraderie.


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