Food & How To: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Okay, celebrations’ over, hang overs’ are the trend now.. And then the leftovers. My, what will we do with leftovers? Put them in the fridge? Make sandwiches out of it? Well, isn’t it a little tiring? Every after ‘thanksgiving’, we get like a boxful of turkey sandwiches??

Is it the turkey’s fault? So, why blame the ‘dead’? Hah! Besides, it’s just tradition. But why always sandwiches? Anyway, we looked into what might be creative ways of enjoying leftovers and here goes..

The best part of this recipe is that real leftovers were used and not just leftover raw ingredients but leftover food as part of the recipe.

Done some 7 years ago, cookingfordads must be ahead of his time as people back then were more of just satisfied with sandwiches. But in this recipe, the ‘Calzone’ simply showed why it’s the better choice.

Wow, although we could see the turkey ‘meatball’ coming, the potato pancakes are something! And so is the cranberry-butter spread. Just one thing though, too much butter could be ‘unhealthy’.

Still, if you’re Asian, Irene just gave us a wonderful yet typical Asian idea on what to do with leftovers.. ‘toppings’! Or it just really looks like one, what with the rice, you see. But oh, looks yummy indeed!

Finally, a more creative way of enjoying leftovers is how Brandi did it — by making a party dip out of the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffings and all — yup, again all real leftovers! Hmm… what a treat!



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