2015 NBA Weekly: Early Bets on MVP and ROY Honors

We are now what, 20 percent through the NBA season, and who has been impressive so far? Curry? The Warriors? Well, indeed they have been playing well, thanks to a team that has been kept whole through the off-season plus the great response of Stephen Curry against the team’s detractors. My, he’s just been close to ‘unstoppable’ averaging 32 ppg.

Stephen Curry
Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry

Still, if we really look at the whole league, it’s these 2 players that has really been catching our attention.. Pacers’ Paul George and Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks.

Oh, both from the East. Hah! Forget Westbrook, Durant or even James for now. But PG-13? Hey, remember he’s coming off a devastating leg injury notwithstanding a complete overhaul of his Indiana Pacers team. And where do we find him? Number 5 in the latest MVP ladder and number 5 among the scoring leaders at 27.2 ppg while the Pacers are at number 2 in the Eastern conference with an 11-5 mark. Talk about impressive.

If it were somebody else, another player, the psychological stigma would really make George hesitant in many ways. But not in his case, obviously, Paul George has ‘fully’ recovered — both physically and mentally. And so, while it’s still too early to tell, we see this season’s MVP could be a battle between Steph Curry and Paul George. Of course, so long as they keep up with their kind of play. Well, sorry Anthony Davis, maybe next year — when your team starts winning perhaps.

Anthony Davis (23) against Paul George
Anthony Davis (23) against Paul George

Now, the rookies. While Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor has been touted to figure for the 2015-2016 NBA Rookie of the Year, it’s really been Kristaps Porzingis that has given us memorable games. He’s not only a good scorer with a feathery touch from deep but he’s also a great rebounder and shot blocker. Remember his 7 blocks against the Rockets? His 29 points against Charlotte? Wow!

Kristaps Porzingis blocking James Harden
Porzingis blocking James Harden

Yeah, yeah. Towns and Okafor are good rebounders and shot blockers too. But wait. Isn’t Okafor the ‘main’ man of a losing Philly team? While many compares him to Tim Duncan, being the only ‘real’ option is why he’s been producing (17.5 ppg) more than either Towns (14.4 ppg) and Porzingis (13.7 ppg). More so, while Towns is surrounded by veterans to help him adjust, Porzingis had to prove himself not only to his superstar teammate Carmelo Anthony but especially to the New York Knicks’ fans who were actually displeased to have him drafted back then. But, here we are now in a possible two-cornered fight for ROY honors. Yes, two. Towns and Porzingis instead of Okafor — unless the Knicks falters even worse than the Sixers. After all, Kristaps Porzingis is one reason why New York has been contending while Knicks’ fans have been rejoicing.


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