Consumer Videos: Asian Rice Cutter Machines

Several eons ago, hah, we witnessed the technology of rice planting made easy. Today, we will bring you the opposite or how to harvest without difficulty through some wonderful innovations brought about by our Asian brothers..

Hmm… You know that the Japanese has got even bigger machines that not only harvests but even removes the grain from the stalk; yet this one we’re seeing is more mobile and of course, more affordable than the truck-like ones they have; so..

The nice thing about this Chinese reaper is the scope of harvesting it could do; being a bigger machine, its cutting is wider compared to the ‘sling-type’ rice cutters. Yup, it does arrange your harvest too.

Okay, while you could arrange your harvest by swiping, the strain on your shoulder could be something. Still, being a handy equipment and naturally cheaper compared to bigger harvesting machines, we’re sure many would be interested in India’s kind of rice cutter.

Then again, if you want something real simple and low cost, this rice cutter shown in Samar, Philippines is obviously more preferable than manually harvesting your rice — especially if you’re not wearing appropriate clothing. Hah!

Would you also like a ‘reaper-binder’ machine? Well, there is..


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