Food & How To: Chilaquiles (Mexican)

We know Mexican food to be Tacos, well, being the most identifiable that is. Then again, their tortillas has other recipes too, and one of the more popular ones is normally served during breakfast.. The Chilaquiles. Heard of it? Of course, though we could also have it on any other time of the day.

Let’s see how it’s done..

As grandma says, Chilaquiles is just so easy to make; and indeed, it is. With tortillas as its base and where basically a showering of chillies, tomatoes and Cotija cheese is just what gives the dish its flavor — it’s just amazingly delicious!

No wonder it’s very popular in Mexico! Still, for a more tasty recipe, aside from adding egg — you could also put some ‘pulled’ chicken on top as well as some cream and a little more of the cheese. Wow, can you imagine the taste? Hmm…

So, if you are seeking for something different in your next meal, the Chilaquiles is certainly worth trying.. Enjoy!


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