2015 NBA Weekly: Utah vs New Orleans for the West’s Last PlayOff Spot?

While the Golden State Warriors continued in its winning ways, by the way, they’re 22-0 now — as we predicted, both the Clippers and the Rockets would be able to catch up since on paper alone, there’s not much competition at the bottom half of the Western conference.

Warriors doing very well
Warriors doing very well

Yup, especially with the breakup of the Portland Trail Blazers. Hmm… the Suns? The Wolves? Well, they’re just good while it lasted.

So, who’ll secure the ‘last’ berth to the PlayOffs? Utah (9-9) who’s currently at number 7, or the Pelicans (5-15) who’s actually at number 14? Oh, you must be surprised why we chose the Pelicans to challenge for the last spot when they’re way below the rankings..

Coz they’re good. They’re just good.

Anthony Davis trying to catch up
Anthony Davis trying to catch up

Of course, just don’t expect Anthony Davis could still be MVP this season. Steph Curry. Paul George. They’re just playing in another dimension now. And their teams are winning — not trying to catch the last bus, you know.

Anyway, at number 8 is Houston — with a 10-11 slate — which we expect to overtake the Jazz for number 7; and who else could challenge the Jazz but the Pelicans?! They maybe 5, 6 games behind Utah but it’s certainly doable. Hey, we’re still close to 25 percent into the season!

Okay, Denver does have the personnel to compete for the last spot but they still don’t know their identity. Even Kenneth Faried who used to be a starter is now a ‘bench’ player — he’s not even that old or seriously injured, or is he?? Well..

The Utah Jazz
The Utah Jazz

Sacramento.. Maybe next year. They seem to need more time together, build character and all. So, they better hold on to Rajon Rondo.

Thus, even if the Nuggets and the Kings got better records than New Orleans at the moment, the Pelicans has a good core led by AD — and a better system — to compete at the next level..

With that, expect a wild finish between the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans come March. Good for the fans.


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