Consumer Video: 8 ‘House’ Things That Makes You Tired

Have you been feeling listless lately? Yes, tired. Have you? And what do you think is the reason for it? Ah, excluding being sick or under the weather, of course. Still, have you ever thought that there are actually things ‘at home’ that makes you tired? Let’s check out the video before drawing up conclusions..

Hmm… ‘clutter’ would actually bother mom more than us, right? So, more than the clutter, the presumed stress here is in fact ‘mom-stress’ — on us — sorry moms. But guys, isn’t it time to get organized? Com’ on, love ya mom!

TV? Tablet? Unless you use the TV or tablet before bedtime (and for some, on a regular basis), don’t think it would affect your sleep. It’s a matter of getting used to it. How long would it take for melatonin to go back to its normal levels, anyway?

Coffee maker. Home bar. Junk food. All negative in the long run. Cellphone? Unless someone tries to contact you during the ‘unholy’ hours of the night then surely, it’ll affect you the coming day. Just like how ‘drawn curtains’ would affect you, too.

Lastly, a ‘lower thermostat setting’ would not make us feel tired but sleepy, you know. So, this is about not being productive.

At the end of the day, just have a healthy lifestyle. Yeah. Exercise. Eat healthy. Be organized. Take time to refreshen. Bond. Live. And you would be able to combat the stress and fatigue your work, school or chores bring you..



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