2015 NBA Weekly: Breaking Down the Warriors 1st Loss

Just 2 days ago, the Golden State Warriors suffered their first loss of the 2015-2016 season. Yup, it was all over the headlines. The net. The talk of the town, the basketball world. What happened? And just at the hands of a 9-15 Milwaukee Bucks team??

Simple. It’s bound to happen. We know that. They have been on a 7-game road trip for 2 weeks. They have just been road-weary. So, end of the story? Just because they were tired, that’s it?

Then there’s nothing to talk about anymore.

Bucks' fans came in already celebrating
Bucks’ fans came in already celebrating

Yet how about the Bucks? They’re just fortunate? Really? My, there must be something. Right. Otherwise, the Warriors must be ‘unbeatable’. By the way, have they even faced the Spurs this season? See, unlike the Warriors, the Spurs are still even adjusting with a couple of new and key players in their fold — which explains their losses.

Now going back to the Bucks-Warriors game, okay, the Warriors were tired and having Harrison Barnes in the lineup could have helped their cause. But aren’t they supposed to have a deep bench? Hey, Milwaukee even only played with 8 men on over 10 minutes.. Golden State, 9 men.

MCW (#5), jubilant
Michael Carter-Williams (#5), jubilant

So? This is like ‘being short-handed or tired’ is out of the question. The loss was just bound to come. After all, the Warriors has even come off several close shaves, the last of which was with the Boston Celtics before finally falling to an inspired Michael Carter-Williams and the Bucks. Look, 5 steals from MCW alone. A triple double from Giannis Antetokounmpo. And 28 points on 16 attempts from Greg Monroe. Not to mention O.J. Mayo hitting 4 3s in the first half while Jabari Parker playing one of his best games this season.

Wow, the Bucks must have been really lucky with their ‘starting’ lineup clicking at the same time! Still, if you look at the team stats, there were actually only 2 glaring differences. One, field goals. The Bucks had 8 more converted shots. And two, assists. Again and obviously, the Bucks had 8 more dimes compared to the Warriors.

It's just the first loss
It’s just the first loss

In short, Milwaukee beat Golden State through ‘team play’. They were more cohesive, they were more inspired. It’s not because Curry was just 2-8 from 3-point range. For one, Steph didn’t ‘always’ have a good 3-point shooting night but the Warriors would still manage to win — just not this one though. Makes sense?

But that doesn’t take anything away from the 24-0 run put up by the Warriors. They’ve just been playing at another level. At least they got the best start in NBA history. And that’s what matters.. for now.


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