Food & How To: Crab Meat Tostadas (Mexican)

Know what I liked about this next Mexican recipe of ours? That we could give life to a stale yet crucial ingredient. And guess what it is? Yes, the tortillas. Hah! Again. Of course. You just have to be amazed with the variety of ways it could actually be used! As in really.

And for today, we bring you the Tostadas de Jaiva also known as the Crab Meat Tostadas, a favorite Mexican snack.

Tostada in Mexico is simply a hard and crispy corn tortilla which you could ‘create’ by simply frying the stale tortilla. And although a key ingredient, the secret is obviously in the other ingredients that you mix with the tortilla which only serves as the base.

Hmm… noticed a few things? Abuela and everybody else were a bit excited in this one that they actually failed to even mention the ‘tortilla’ itself. Hah! Anyway, you know that it’s fried until it regains some sort of crispiness, so..

Next. The crab that you’d use could either be prepacked, precooked or you could cook it yourself before shredding it into pieces. In this case, they just bought a prepacked one to save time. Okay.

Third. This dish doesn’t really need cooking except for the frying of the ‘tostadas’, so it’s pretty easy to prepare (just basically peel, cut and mix, that’s it). And aside from the mentioned ingredients, you could also actually add lettuce among others with more Tapatio (hot sauce) or less lemon depending on your taste buds. Wow, this just reminds us of the famous pizza on the next corner! Lots’ a toppings!

And indeed, Tostadas de Jaiva could give ’em a good run — whether as an appetizer or a snack — it just tastes great! Enjoy!


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