2015 NBA Weekly: The Return of Kyrie Irving and What it means for the Cavs

After 6 months since his last game in Game 1 of last season’s Finals, Kyrie Irving is back. Obviously not the Uncle Drew we know as we did naturally see some rust in him but, Kyrie is back!

Missing his first couple of shots, he only had 2 points in the first half before scoring 7 in the 3rd period and eventually finishing the game with 12 points (5-12 fg) including 2-2 from deep as well as 4 assists and 2 steals — all in 17 minutes.

So, the Cavaliers are just about at full strength now with only Mo Williams unable to play (second straight game) due to a sprained right thumb. Then again, what does this mean for the Cavs? Good? Should be.

Yet what we see here would also be the return of Kevin Love as the team’s third gear. Okay, nevermind this game with the Sixers where he only attempted 4 times and was just good for, what, 10 points? Hey, they’re still easing Kyrie back into the lineup so, okay..

But, as the Cavaliers eases Kyrie back, they would also push Kevin down to where he was last time out — with all those possible issues, loss of confidence, poor games and dissatisfaction. Oh, not this time? Well, that remains to be seen. And one could only surmise through his body language. Hmm…

And that’s just the first outgrowth.

Next ‘could’ be Kevin versus Tristan. With Uncle Drew weaving his magic anew, the Cavs would need a tenacious offensive rebounder and good defender rolled-into-one more than a ‘stretch four’. Uh oh, personnel issues. Or to ‘some extent’, it could also otherwise even be Delly versus Mo. Heck, no? Then what about LeBron versus Blatt part 2? Ridiculous? Then.. they just have to keep winning and hope nobody wants a trade (even in thought) before the PlayOffs begin.


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