Food & How To: Enchiladas (Mexican)

Another delicious Mexican recipe made from corn tortillas would be the Enchiladas; and in all, this is basically made up of onions, cheese, chicken breast (since we chose to make Chicken Enchiladas among the many varieties it has), and of course, the Enchilada sauce.

Let’s first see how it’s done..

Well, many of our Mexican friends would surely say that the tortillas should be fried first before even dipping it in the Enchilada sauce. Hmm… while that’s the ideal way, CandidMommy¬†didn’t want that oil so, on with the 5-minute baking and stuff..

Now, in case you’re worried on how the sauce is prepared, Tess got you covered in a real simple way. Check this one out.

Okay, the good thing about sauces is that you could actually store them so you won’t have to keep making a ‘new one’ every time you need one. As a reminder though, just make sure it’s kept in a clean and dry jar before placing it inside the fridge. Right.

With its ease in preparing — both with the Enchiladas and the sauce — bet this recipe could be one favorite dish not just for breakfast but even for snack time.



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