2016 NBA Weekly: Implications of Stephen Curry’s Injury

Once again, Stephen Curry is out of Golden State’s lineup or at least questionable for their next game against the Charlotte Hornets. Reason. Bruised lower left leg. Fans all over knows this by now.

So, is this serious? Not really. But it kinda affects your movement and especially for Curry who uses a lot of dribbling to escape his man or get a shot. Good thing here is that, it’s just a bruise, nothing really serious that would put him out for the season.

Curry against Danilo Gallinari
Curry against Danilo Gallinari

And for the last 3 games where Curry was either out or ‘unable’, the Dubs are 2-1. Hmm… is this a good thing? Yes and no.

Yes. Because the team should learn to adjust with adversity. No. Because if this happens in the second round of the PlayOffs then their season could end. Curry is still what makes the Warriors dangerous. Yes, even if they got Thompson, Green and the rest of the guys..

Even if they have learned to adjust with adversity — expect their opponent to also ‘mess up’ with what they have learned. If you’re big gun is gone, what’s left are ‘smaller’ guns who could get rattled, lose heart or even lose their touch — as in the case of Klay Thompson. Remember last season’s Finals? Klay only had one big game really. That’s it. T’was Iguodala and Green who made the difference with Curry eventually catching fire.

Klay Thompson in black
Klay Thompson in black

Klay is good. But not very good. He’s got big games. Even scored 37 in one quarter once. But then, that’s about it. He can’t really light it up night in and night out like Curry does.

Thus, if the season were to end now — the Warriors could get by Houston (8th seed) but not against the LA Clippers (4th) nor the Dallas Mavericks (5th). See the scenario? LA and Dallas are ‘more organized’ than the Rockets who only has a bust of an acquisition in Ty Lawson, a defender in Beverley and a hardly-used Terry to play alongside ball-hogging star James Harden in the backcourt.

Stephen Curry (Photo: USA Today)
Stephen Curry (Photo: USA Today)

See, any team could not afford to lose their ‘main’ star especially in the PlayOffs. After all, the rest of the team was built to support their star. Without their star, who will they support? Each other? Well, every team should actually do that. Yet even if they did, there would still be winners and losers. Got the point? Therefore, even teamwork would be useless if you don’t have that ‘dependable’ star to captain your team especially during a storm. Result. A sunken ship.


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