Street Style: LA versus NYC

Well, notice our stars are mostly either in Los Angeles or New York City? Of course. And so, we came up with a couple of our choices on the street stylish celebs for the first week of 2016 — in both places.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in LA
Jenna Dewan-Tatum in LA

First up, Channing Tatum’s better half. Another good combination of colors that would blow you away! Yup, in LA! And just wonderful boots and a pretty scarf to boot for Jenna!

Pia Wurtzbach in NYC
Pia Wurtzbach in NYC

So, Miss Universe is in New York City. Don’t they just look the same? I mean, Jenna and Pia. Oh, perhaps their coats and boots, huh?!

But still pretty, pretty! Nice pose Pia! Beautiful hat, too.

Vanessa Hudgens in LA
Vanessa Hudgens in LA

Vanessa, Vanessa. Your tops is just gorgeous! But can we have your boots? Hah! Just wanna take LA by storm, too. Yikes, it’s raining..

Keira Knightley in NYC
Keira Knightley in NYC

Now here’s a typical winter ‘traveler’ look taken to the next level by Keira. New York must have had a cool treat seeing you around, hey!

So, which one got your nod — LA or New York?


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