Food & How To: Bombay Sandwich (Indian)

Our recipe for today is a popular Indian food with its origins coming from the streets of Bombay. A sandwich. Yes. An unusual one at that. Really. The Bombay Sandwich. And I tell ya, it’s one thing you simply can’t miss when visiting India.

Now just see why..

Wow! Very interesting, huh?! While many of us are used to sandwiches with some form of meat, fish or at the very least eggs or jam — this sandwich is basically made up of the stuff we put alongside our meat.

Tomatoes. Onions. Butter. Cucumbers. Boy, good thing there’s no pickles! Otherwise, well.. Instead, it’s boiled potatoes. Oh, really interesting. And the whole thing is even toasted before being served — steaming the veggies in the process.

But guess what, it wouldn’t be popular if it didn’t pass the palate test! Makes sense. Yup, it’s tangy and good.

Hmm… Manupa just forgot the beetroot in this one. So try to include it when making your own Bombay sandwich. Enjoy!


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