Gadget Review: EHang 184, World’s First Human-sized Drone

When I heard about this innovative drone as the safest, smartest, eco-friendly low-altitude autonomous aerial vehicle — I was first curious about how much human weight can it really carry; after all, the EHang 184 is already about 440 pounds.

Then many questions followed.

EHang 184
EHang 184

How high can it actually fly? What if there’s a system failure, or say a breakdown in even one of the rotors? If it doesn’t rotate, or is hit by a bird or something? What if there’s sudden winds — hey, the passenger doesn’t even have any in-flight control!

Wow, doesn’t make sense. Just doesn’t make a passenger ‘feel’ safe..

Hmm… Looks real cool though. But the blades need protection and the passenger needs to be given some control, otherwise, this could just be a beautiful concept of 23 minutes in the air.

Well, at least it’s a good start by Chinese UAV company EHang.


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