Travel Time: Obong Spring (Dalaguete, Cebu)

Whether going for a separate visit or a follow up to your trekking adventures at Osmena PeakObong Spring, also in Dalaguete, is another great destination. Yep, from land to water, and more fun!

To get to Obong Spring: Ride a Ceres Bus Liner at the South Bus Terminal with an Oslob route, remember how to get to Dalaguete? Same goes. But this time, don’t get off the junction or market — instead, let the bus go a little further informing the conductor of your destination.

While Cebu City to Dalaguete proper costs P100, going further to Obong Spring is P110 per head. Once you get off the bus, going to the spring would require you to walk only about 250 meters..

The spring is usually overcrowded on weekends with visitors from the city and other towns plus locals who normally drop by for a swim, so if you want some sort of privacy then it would be better to come over during weekdays — and enjoy this cold spring!

Cool place, eh?! Well, the water’s more than cool — it’s really cold, like having ice cubes in your bathtub! A real nice experience you’d surely enjoy! And it only takes around 2 hours to reach the place..

Let’s go!


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