Food & How To: Gujarati Undhiyu (Indian)

While India is known for its delicious curry, here’s another of their recipes that would surely complete your winter; after all, it’s usually done during this time at Gujarat. And what do we call it? Undhiyu, a wonderful mix of seasonal veggies with herbs and spices that’s bit rustic though tasty as it’s typically cooked in earthen pots making you feel you’re in the countryside.. and loving it! Wow!

Hmm… a lot of ‘separate’ frying, eh?! And we know they could even be satisfactorily eaten on its own — yep, one reason why you’ll know the dish would indeed be tasty.

Yet one of the fun parts here would be the making of Masala. Notice all those seeds, powder and paste mixed together? Well, it just gives you an idea of how flavorful it would be.. Right.

In all, it’s interestingly ‘thick’ if you just look at the finished delicacy; even the mixing of ’em sliced bananas with their skin still unpeeled! But that’s what makes Undhiyu a must-try in Indian cuisine.



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