Food & How To: Lauki Kofta (Indian)

Our recipe for the day is an Indian culinary ingenuity called the Lauki Kofta which is mainly made of bottle gourd (upo in Filipino) that is mixed with chili powder, tamarind and gram flour.

Wow, have you ever thought that ‘bottle gourd’ could actually taste good with ingredients outside of shrimp or meat?! Hmm…

So, clearly, the key here would be making the bottle gourd ‘dippable’. Know what I mean? If you could make the bottle gourd into a more solid form (using flour is an obvious means) — then you could ‘dip’ it in chili sauce, or gravy especially made for the bottle gourd recipe like in this case, of course. Clever!

Meanwhile, adding tamarind to a fleshy ‘bottle gourd’ would only somehow perk its ‘neutral’ flavor. Remember the effect of tamarind in the Filipino dish called ‘Sinigang’?

An interesting suggestion to ‘maximize’ the use of bottle gourd for Lauki Kofta would be to squeeze out some of its water before mixing it with the recipe’s other ingredients — that’s for a more solid ball.

With that.. Enjoy!


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