2016 NBA Weekly: The Firing of David Blatt

So, it’s all over town. David Blatt has been relieved as the head coach of the Cavaliers. Yep, even with a 30-11 record then. And many speculate it’s because of LeBron James. Hmm… think so?

Think it’s more than just LeBron — though the root could be LeBron.

LeBron James and David Blatt: The Boss and the Coach?
LeBron James and David Blatt: The Boss and the Coach?

How is this? First, although they have reportedly fixed it, Blatt and James had their rough start; this could have rubbed off the rest of the Cavs. Like if LeBron James was disrespecting Blatt, then the rest of the gang would probably disrespect Blatt in more ways than one as well — or they could be having factions.

You know the effect of these things. And it would definitely be not good for a contending team. Yet what could have been the last straw in the firing since the Cavs are still leading the East anyway?

Our guess is Cleveland’s blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors. Yes, even if the Cavs rebounded by beating their next opponent; the loss to the defending champs — and at the Cavs’ home floor — served as the gauge on how the team would fare in the PlayOffs.

Result. Disaster. They were actually nowhere close to being that ‘dangerous’ team. Their 30-11 record seemed as just something like a fluke. After all, it’s still the regular season.

But what about the Warriors? The Spurs? Are their records also not determining then?

Blatt and Lue: It's more than just the team's pulse?
Blatt and Lue: It’s more than just the team’s pulse?

Well, that’s a different story. The issue is really in the chemistry, in the locker room — that you could feel it translated to the basketball court. So, the Warriors and Spurs are playing just fine, that if the PlayOffs were to start today — you’d know that they’ll win. ‘Cause they got ‘real’ togetherness unlike the Cavs, unfortunately.

That seems to be the case here. That Blatt is not the man who could actually glue this team. That’s the perception of many, what with his voice overpowered by James?! Maybe even Lue!

So is Tyronn Lue the ‘right’ guy? Ask LeBron James. Ask David Blatt.


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