Travel Time: Dumaguete City Tourist Spots (Negros Oriental, Philippines)

As we have stated last time around, most tourist spots in Negros Oriental are actually outside Dumaguete City save for 3 notable landmarks. And so for today, let’s check out those three..

Dumaguete Belfry Tower. It is the city’s landmark, built in the 1760s and rebuilt in the 1870s to warn townsfolk of marauding pirates. The tower is just situated beside the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church and just across the street fronting Quezon Park.

012416 belfry tower
Dumaguete Belfry Tower

Incidentally, our featured image is of the Belfry Tower.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church
Rizal Park
Quezon Park

Silliman University. Established in 1901, SU is said to be the first American university not only in the Philippines but the entire Asian continent as well.

The entrance to the SU compound
The entrance to the SU compound
On the grounds of Silliman
On the grounds of Silliman

012416c ground 2

012416d ground 3

012416e seats

012416f seats 2

By the way, did you know that just last 2014 Silliman University was ranked 47th among the most beautiful Christian university campus around the world?? Wow! Just great landscaping.

Silliman University Church
Silliman University Church

012416h church 2

Hibbard Hall
Hibbard Hall
Silliman University Library
Silliman University Library

012416k bldg

012416l bldg 2

SU Anthropological Museum
SU Anthropological Museum

Hey, it’s got a 62 hectare campus area — so, the many photos!

Dumaguete Boardwalk. This is the famous promenade along Rizal Boulevard that’s facing Tañon Strait. Cool as it is, it’s especially lively at night when many people flocks the place to feel the breeze and bond. And it all begins late afternoon when ‘tempuras’ start sizzling..

Okay, got what you want to know — the promenade is 780m long!


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