Gift Ideas: Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

Okay, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but are you ready? What are you thinkin’ of buyin’ for your special someone? Flowers? Chocolates, cologne, underwear, gadget? Hmm… Well, it’s getting pretty common you know, like year in, year out you see ’em..

So, how ’bout getting creative? Like a ‘do-it-yourself’ gift this time?

0127 clothes pin
Clothespin (Pinterest)

Instead of giving out an underwear — how about a ‘clothespin’? Yep, a wooden clothespin with a loving message..

Cutting board
Cutting board (

Or a ‘cutting board’ with an etching of their favorite recipe instead of a cold gadget? Sounds cool, right?!

Complimentary Jar
Complimentary Jar (

While a cologne makes one smell good, why not a ‘complimentary jar’ with short messages or memories of you both that would make ’em feel good — good idea, don’t you think?

Bananas (

Even gifting something as simple as a couple of bananas — but with a heart-warming message written across its skin. Yeah! That would be cute rather than the traditional chocolate.

Bacon Rose Bouquet
Bacon Rose Bouquet (Popsugar)

Otherwise, give ’em a ‘bacon rose bouquet’ in place of flowers! Most everyone loves bacon, surely, this would also be appreciated! Right..

Obviously cheaper yet wonderfully unique gifts that you should try!


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