My Home: Michael Jordan’s Highland Park Mansion (Chicago)

Been havin’ lot of requests here to feature MJ. Yep, Michael Jordan! But more than his playing career, people are just curious of where he ‘lives’. You know, with the millions he has earned all those years, the fame and attention he got along the way — what kind of house could he have built?

A house which has now been in fact for sale since 2012..

Cool property! While the ‘outside’ of the house and the landscaping were designed with such class, the inside is not quite up to it. I know the 56,000 square foot house sits on 7.39 acres of land with over 150 trees that Michael has bought and stuck..

But we’re just not quite cool with the so many hangout rooms that’s pretty similar to each other, it’s a waste of space. Okay, 9 bedrooms is good — but 19 bathrooms?? Don’t you think it’s even more than some malls out there? He could have just placed ’em strategically..

No wonder the price has gone from $29M originally to $21M the next year — and then just last year, it’s down to $15M! It’s just too expensive to start with. I mean the $29M. Though you can’t fault MJ for testing the market simply because of his popularity to go along with the mansion’s amenities — which is actually great!

mj house 2

Still, one thing we liked though is MJ’s ‘island escape pool’. As for the inside, save for perhaps the ‘eye at the sky’ just above the kitchen table; and again, because of the similarities in the hangout rooms — the ‘overall’ appeal is not that astonishing. Really.

Result. It’s like trying to sell the whole thing through his ‘basketball court’ only.. That’s it. No other merit.


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