Food & How To: Rogan Josh (Indian)

Knowing that this recipe is made of mutton alone already intrigues the appetite, oh, how much more if mixed with flavorful spices and herbs?! Yup, certainly one of the most mouthwatering dishes in the Indian cuisine is the Rogan Josh..

So, no yoghurt, no tomatoes, no onions. Okay, but without saffron, it’s a different story. For one, saffron really contributes to the dish’s rich taste — not to mention the Kashmir chili mix of course. On the other hand, while yoghurt suits well with Rogan Josh, don’t you think adding yoghurt would only make the dish ‘less Indian’ and ‘more British’? Really. Well, ‘determining uniqueness’ is actually ‘appreciating uniqueness’ of each other’s cuisine..

Yep, regardless of ‘cooking time’; and speaking of time..

With over an hour to prepare the mutton, a ‘pressure cooker’ would obviously help in speeding the clock — though it could also be worth cooking in a ‘clay pot’. Yeah, sure it could take even longer than the pan on a stove, however, it should subtly enhance the taste. Hmm…

Lamb and mutton are just on a different level — so, enjoy!


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