Travel Time: Temple of Leah in Pictures (Cebu City)

It’s been a year since it was featured in a TV documentary program. Yes, we’re talking about the Temple of Leah in Busay, Cebu City. It was under construction then. But due to the massive structure and expenses that goes with it — it is under construction until now. And not surprisingly, even the workers have no idea on when the Temple would really be completed..

Outside of the Temple
Outside of the Temple
Outside, left flank
Outside, left flank from the back
Towards the entrance
Towards the entrance
The Main Entrance
The Main Entrance
Just past the entrance
Just past the entrance

And so, what used to be a ‘free’ entrance to the Temple, visitors are now being charged P50 per head. That’s understandable though a little stiff for many especially since the Temple is not yet finished. The good thing though is that the Temple has shuttle services.

Temple of Leah's shuttle service
Temple of Leah’s shuttle service

To get to the Temple of Leah:  It would take around 12 minutes by motorbike from JY Square to the Temple of Leah with a fare of P75 per head. However, the Temple has offered shuttle services for only P15 per head, that is from Cebu I.T. Park (near Jollibee | SkyRise) to the Temple of Leah and vice versa.

Upper right flank of the Temple
Frontal view of the Temple’s right side
A closer look at the structure and the beautiful statues
A closer look at the structure and the beautiful statues

a4Now, the Temple of Leah has truly become a tourist attraction since it has adopted a Roman architectural design. And the Temple which is also residential in purpose was actually constructed — as a symbol of love by Teodorico Adarna to his wife, Leah — back in 2012.

It even has a telescope for visitors to enjoy the view

a7a8a9Though the Temple is still a work in progress, the vast grounds make you feel that you are really in a ‘temple’. So, it’s good that there are chairs, but it would be nicer if there was a cafe — don’t you think so? How about on top of the arch? Hah! Nah, even outside would do.

a10a11What’s a Temple without a fountain? Well, it sits on about 5,000 sqm of land with 7 floors, eventually 24 chambers, over 60 pillars and a 9-foot bronze statue of Leah in the midst of the grand staircase.

a13a14a16a17But with the constant influx of people, the inside of the Temple is in fact starting to deteriorate. And it hasn’t even been completed?! But I’m sure they’re aware of it though and would ‘refreshen’ in time..


The 9-foot Bronze statue of Leah
The 9-foot Bronze statue of Leah

And so to augment its construction, an entrance fee was impressed. Hey, it’s the pride of Cebu and the country as a whole — so, support!

While it’s open the whole day, the best time to visit would be 4pm.


21 thoughts on “Travel Time: Temple of Leah in Pictures (Cebu City)”

  1. Hi, I just want to know if there is a schedule of shuttle from IT park to Temple of Leah? and if the fare is really 15php? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Justine, yup the fare is indeed P15 per head for their shuttle service. You could even see it posted on the Temple’s main gate and a notice on their wall inside.

      As for schedules, I actually took the motorbike to the Temple but the shuttle service would be easy to find as its route is even printed on its shuttle — I.T. Park within the Jollibee | SkyRise vicinity. Enjoy! Thanks.

  2. Hi pwede mu ask if what time available ang shuttle this week because we’re plannibg to visit temple of leah this week. Kindly reply to message right away please . Thank you

    1. Shuttles for the Temple of Leah & I.T. Park route only comes and goes. They don’t really have a terminal or sked, so it’s more of a timing kind of thing. Hope you enjoy! Thanks!

  3. hello! what time will the shuttle be available this friday? i am from davao city and one of my route in going to cebu is the temple of leah

    1. Hi Mary Ann, there’s no time schedule for the shuttle. It just comes and goes whenever. The only real choices would be to take the ‘habal-habal’ or rent a cab, if you don’t have your own vehicle. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. So what you are saying is ; There is no exact schedule nor exact pickup/drop off points for the shuttle? Just stay around Jollibee|SkyRise vicinity to catch the shuttle (if we are lucky to spot one).

    1. Right. However, you never really know if there’s even one for the day. I mean, say whole morning — none. Then suddenly, it appears around 3pm and you just left. Wow, that would be like disappointing. So better wait around 2-3pm onwards since most visitors flock late afternoon. Otherwise, you could always ride a motorbike, take a taxi or rent a multicab. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    1. Hi Aileen, you could either take the taxi or hire a multicab. Nonetheless, there’s another means of transportation that we’d be updating you with as soon as we get their info. Thank you.

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